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Sand Filter

Filtration is the way toward passing fluid containing suspended issue through an appropriate permeable material (sifting medium) to viably expel the suspended contaminations in the fluid. It is the last advance in the strong expulsion process which incorporates coagulation, Flocculation and sedimentation.


The blend of anthracite and Graded sand together can evacuate a lion's share of suspended particles more noteworthy than 10 microns in estimate. After treatment, the SDI (Silt Density Index) is decreased and the turbidity achieves under 3 from 20. The frameworks require discharging to expel the amassed tainting of suspended particles and flushed by down stream clean sifted water before use with a specific end goal to expand bed life.

Double media Filtration is generally utilized as a part of the water pre-treatment, which accessible with Automatic and additionally manual operational highlights. The tank material fiber glass strengthened plastic.

Weight sand channel is profoundly prescribed for the evacuation of suspended noticeable polluting influences like sand, tidy particles overwhelming metals and so forth. PSF is a perfect answer for the frameworks with high dregs, residue, sand, and turbidity. Our Sand Filters are entrenched in media filtration innovation. The sand channels are uncommonly intended to deal with the scope of suspended polluting influences. Our one of a kind plan guarantees the most extreme use of the surface region, the lesser weight drop over the weight overnight boardinghouse end of the polluting influences. The quality, strength and miniaturized scale permeable character of filtration media influence our sand to channel appropriate for all intents and purposes each application in the water treatment industry.

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